Petro Turbine Engineering Company Policy 

Petro Turbine Engineering Company Integrated Management System Policy

Petro Turbine Engineering Company provides services in accordance with the clients’ demands within many industrial projects across the country, particularly those relating to petroleum, gas and petrochemical industries. This company is committed to do so while: respecting national and international law, holding the honor and dignity of its human resources in highest esteem as its most valuable asset, using modern technology and sophisticated levels of engineering knowledge, preserving the environment, and observing safety principles with the incorporation of Integrated Management System according to these standards:

-2008: ISO 9001 (Quality management system)

-2004: ISO 14001 (Environmental Management systems)

-2007: 18001 OHSAS (Occupational health and safety management systems)

The company is also committed to promoting quality of work on all levels through measures such a

-Establishing an understanding relationship with the clients, in order to be able to better satisfy their demands and provide professional advice.

-Expansion and development of the professional labor force through educational programs conducted on different levels of the company.

-Encouraging productivity and motivation among the staff

-Cherishing human resources as the main asset of the company.

-Providing services in technical, engineering, consultation, supervisorial, managerial and educational areas.

-Expansion of technological facilities with the goal of reaching self- sufficiency.

-Building modern systems for the renovation of industrial projects.

-Providing services for admissible commercial activities.

-Adherence to enforceable laws regarding environment preservation and continued refinement of activities in order to further pollution prevention.

- Adherence to enforceable laws regarding work force health and safety continued refinement of activities in order to further prevention of work-induced injuries and diseases.

Company administration is committed to realize the goals stated above by providing necessary resources and informative communication through all company levels, employing the communion of the staff and scientific management, while complying with the standards mentioned in this policy.

The administration will conduct periodic evaluations of the level of efficiency on which the methods are being employed in order to reach certainty about the realization of company goals.

Farzad Ayoobzade    

فرشاد ایوب زاده


    رئیس هیات مدیره و مدیر کل پروژه ها

Farshad Ayoobzadeh  : Chairman of the Board of Director & Projects Manager 


فرزاد ایوب زاده


نایب رئیس هیات مدیره و مدیر عامل

Farzad Ayoobzadeh : Deputy of the Board of Director & Managing Director 


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